poisonous vs non-poisonous snakes

watch were you walk!


A coral snake is a deadly poisonous snake. It has a very distinctive color pattern on its body. However there is a non-poisonous snake, the king snake that mimics/copy's the coral snake. it does this to fend of predators which thinks its actually poisonous.


There are some of the reasons why the king snake mimics the coral snake These reasons are because the king snake was frequently attacked by various predators. The ability to camouflage got into the king snakes gene pool.

What does this mean for the future?

Since the King snake looks like the very notorious coral snake, the king snake has a long lasting population ahead of it. The Predators of the coral snake will no longer attack it or the king snake. If the king snake never developed the ability to mimic the coral snake who knows were the it would be today??