From Wheat to Bread

By: Oran Jackson 3AC


Have you ever wondered about how wheat goes to bread ? Bread goes trough many steps to get to your table.


The first step to make bread is to plant wheat seeds. When the plants turn a golden brown it is time for the wheat to be harvested. It is harvested by combine. It cuts down the plants breaks off the wheat kernels. Trucks take them to factories


The second step in the process of making bread is pouring the kernels into machines. The machines clean and crush them. Then they push the crushed kernels through a screen. The large pieces stay and a powder falls through. That powder is flour. Some goes to stores. Others stay for bread making. They add eggs,butter,yeast,and flour to make dough. The mixer keeps stirring until the dough turns into a white ball. The mixer kneads the dough. After it is kneaded the dough is left to rise. After it has risen bakers shape it into loaves. The loaves are put into a hot oven. When they come out there bread. The bread is shipped to stores.


The third step in making bread is the store. The reason people buy bread is to make toast, sandwiches, and peanut butter bites.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about bread. Yeast in the dough makes it rise. Bread was first made when king Tut ruled. Bread was the primary food for Europe 600 years ago.


This is the process wheat goes trough to turn into bread. Now that I have learned a lot about bread I want to research ice cream and chocolate.
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