I Will Plant you a Lilac Tree

By: Laura Hillman

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Hannelore is a Jewish girl who lives with her family in a small town. She has a good life until the Germans start taking over and sending all the Jews to camps. Soon Hannelore's father was sent away and later that received a letter saying he had died. A few weeks after her fathers death Hannelore, her mother, and her two brothers are all sent to different camps. The first place Hannelore goes to isn't terrible because they give them plenty of food and the work isn't too hard. But months go by and she still doesn't hear from her family. Hannelore is soon sent to a new a harder camp. the work was extremely hard and they get very little food. She was about ready to give up and stop trying to survive when she hears someone call her name. She turns around and see's her brother Selly. She was so happy to see him but he didn't look good. Selly was very sick and needed a doctor. She tried to save him but he soon died too. Hannelore was finally starting to get used to the new camp when she finds out that she is on a special list to be sent to a different camp. Hannelore was very sad about this because she new she was probably going to die. But when they arrived at the camp it was different than she had expected. She had her own room to sleep in and they gave them a ton of food. Soon they recived news that the war had ended and the Russians had won. Hannelore was so excited because she could go back to her home.


I think the theme of this book is you can get through hard times even if you don't think so can go any further because Hannelore thought she was going to die several times and she wanted to give up but she didn't and ended up surviving.


What is the Tone of this Book?

I think the tone of this book is sad because everyone was separated from there families and most of them never saw them again.

Was this book well written? If so, why?

Yes because every chapter ended with suspense and it made you want to keep reading.

What did you like about this book?

I liked how the author described how everything looked so you could see how bad the camps really were and what she all went through

Would you recommend this book?

Yes i would recommend this book because it was very interesting