Travel to the Nile

By Casey Sinden

How the Nile effects people nearby.

When the Nile floods it leaves really good soil behind and farmers use the soil to plant seeds. If you like fishing the Nile will be a really good place to go. The Nile is a easy to transport stuff to a different place.

Along the Nile River

Aswan High Dam, This dam was built for two main reasons. One was to develop the hydroelectric potential and the dam generates an enormous amount of electricity. It also uses turbines and does not pollute the water.

Lake Victoria, The other main branch of the Nile starts farther to the south. You may recall, White Nile’s headwaters consist of a stream flowing out of the mountains of Burundi.

The Nile Delta, North of Cairo, travels another 100 miles before emptying into the sea. The floodplains of the Nile spread out in a broad. At its widest point, on the coast, this fan-shaped delta measures 155 miles across.

As Sudd,

White Nile continues its sluggish journey north. The Blue Nile also flows northward from the Ethiopian highlands. The two branches of the Nile finally meet. This confluence, or coming together, takes place at the city of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Along the Nile.