Tangerine is New

Where Nothing is Normal


~Paul and his family moved from Texas to Tangerine, Florida

~They move into Lake Windsor Down and experience a muck fire

~Paul and his mom rush around looking for where the fire is

~The Eric Fisher Dream starts to make a web

~Eric and many other are starting to wrap around the E.F.D. web

~Paul finds out about soccer tryouts and tries out

~Eric makes Mike look good instead of being a bench warmer

~Mike dies before he hits the ground

~Paul caught the ball before it hit the net

~Eric got expected to FSU

EF football Dream

Erik and Paul Fisher are complete opposites! Erik is the kicker for the football team and Paul was the goalie for the soccer team. Erik has everyone on the Erik Fisher Football Dream but Paul. While Paul; has no dream with support from friends and family. Also Erik is practicing after school at practice and when ever else he can. while Paul is only practicing at practice. Finally Paul has an IEP for vision and Erik can see nice and clear.

Tragity Strikes

First mom pulled up and start unloading the groceries into the kitchen. Then Erik and Author pull up with mud all over the Land Cruiser. After that Erik tells his parents about how Mike Costello died at practice with a big kaboom. Mom got friecked out and didn't understand it. Then Eriks father called 911 at practice tred to save him and it didn't work. But his little brother Joey kept trying to take off his shoes he explained. When Erik was done talking his mom freaked and stated calling dad, Joey the Costello's, anyone who she wanted to know. Then Erik and Arthur started to help put away the grocies but they laughed about mike because since he wasn't around they benifited and Paul heard it all.

MOYA Close-Up

One issue is bulling Paul gets bullied by name calling. A cause is is bulling, calling him Mars; the effect is felling bad himself and doubting his own vision. Another issue is trying out for a team, everyone around his age tries out for something at one point or another. The cause is not being able to try out; the effect is being bored and sad/mad at his mother. Finally the last issue is stress about his vision. He has stress about it because he thinks will I ever be able to join the soccer team or will I be on the bench. Also because everyone thinks he has terrible vision, but he says he can see fine. He has so much MOYA's I can't even count them all and that is just a few of them.

Soccer Tryouts

It will be 2 weeks from now on the Friday right after school on the soccer fields.You will need:

-A soccer ball

-Soccer Cleats

-A good attitude

-The permission slip with the parents signature

-A tryout form completed ( for one ask me )

-A flisixal completed the

Hope to see you there!