Life in the Library *November*

Wrightstown Elementary's Library News

Look What We Have Been Doing!

This month is flying by! November is Picture Book Month. What is your favorite picture book? Upper grades looked at some more challenging picture books to remember that the E on the spine label doesn't always mean "easy!"

Our BOOK FAIR is also this month! Stop by Wednesday night 11/20 from 6-8 pm to shop with your child. Students will attend the book fair with their classes. See schedule on the web page for details. Happy Reading!

What Have We Been Doing?

Our Kindergartners have enjoyed some Thanksgiving stories, and are starting to listen to some alphabet books. We have shared books by some popular authors including Eve bunting and illustrators like Diane deGroat.

First graders continued to talk about fiction and nonfiction using Thanksgiving stories. (Magic School Bus books seem to be in BOTH categories! We had fun reading A Turkey for Thanksgiving with our first and second grade classes, and brainstorming what WE would say if WE were turkeys!

Our folktale unit for second and third graders wrapped up early this month. We ended with a Japanese folktale illustrated by Tomie de Paola about a tricky badger. Our third graders also read a book of Thanksgiving (silly!) rules. We chatted about some traditions for our families' celebrations.

Fourth graders wrapped up our Dewey unit with an open ended assessment. It was great to see which activities they found helpful, and how well they understood the system of organizing our library! For Thanksgiving, we read a book about Sarah Hale, who (among other things!) was responsible for making Thanksgiving a national holiday!

We are continuing to study genres in fifth grade, especially historical fiction. We are reading An Outlaw Thanksgiving which takes place during our country's westward expansion. Fifth graders also completed a Cyber Smarts activity about privacy on line. This self-contained safe program uses sample "chat" and other messages to teach students about how to interact safely on line. Please talk to your child about the program. (You can view in through Power Library from home, too.) Our sixth graders are working on brainstorming research topics and narrowing down a focus. They are also coming up with subtopics for their research. We will be doing a sample project to prepare for the performance assessment in the spring.

I wish everyone at Wrightstown a happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful to work with such a wonderful group of students, staff and families here each day!