Daughter, sister, and best friend

By Erin D.

My hero

Julia Everhardus is my personal hero because she has given up so much for others. She has shared her food and home with an immigrant family who needed it most. Julia was forced to leave her home at a young age, only to arrive back to her home years later. Julia has always been right by my side. She is my best friend. She is like a sister to me. But above all, she has always stood by and supported her mom. Julia is my personal hero because she has sacrificed so much for others. Julia is a loving daughter, a caring sister, and a supportive best friend. I love you so much Julia!


When she was little, Julia lived in St. Charles, Illinois with her parents and her sister, Courtney. Her parents divorced when she was in first grade, when she moved to Willmette, Illinois. She went to school at Highcrest and made many friends. As a kid, she loved painting, playing the drums, and singing with her band. Her mother remarried, gaining 3 siblings, Andrew, Audrey, and Eric. She bonded with them quickly, as did I. Julia and I became best friends ever since the day we met. She always stood right by my side. She was like a sister to me. As years went by, Eric and Audrey moved out and went to college. In fifth grade, an immigrant mother, who worked with her step dad, had gone through a difficult divorce losing most of her money and came to live with Julia's family. Julia's siblings did not approve and she knew it would be hard to explain to her friends. But, Julia did the right thing and welcomed them as she would her family. She shared her food, clothes, and shelter with them. A year passed and Julia's mother and stepdad began to grow apart and ended up separating. Julia and her mother were forced to move back to Saint Charles, near her old home. Now she is in eighth grade and making lots of new friends every day.
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A name I can't forget

"Years ago when you were here

We ran outside to cross the street

I rang the doorbell so you could hear

I wanted us to meet

The doorbell never worked so well

It took some time for you to come to the door

I waited impatiently, oh well

Then you came to meet me once more

Your Julia, a name I won't forget

We'd run and bike and play all say

I never wanted it to end

There's so many beautiful memories to make

You'd be my best friend until the end

Theres one memory I won't forget

When you took my to your trailer

I got peed on by some pregnant frog

But most of we pedaled like never before

Your Julia, a name I can't forget

And though we can't run and bike and play all day

I know that it will never end

There's so many beautiful memories to make

You'd be my best friend until the end

And every year I get to see you

We get to spend three weeks at camp

We craft and laugh and canoe

But most of all we shed our tears

Your Julia, a name I'll never forget

And we can run and bike and play all day

And that's why I know it won't end

There's so many beautiful memories to make

You are my best friend until the end

Julia, you are my best friend until the end

A name I'll never in a million years forget"

Hero Essay

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman, flying through the sky like an eagle, delivery justice to the world. A true American hero. A hero is defined as a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Heroes can also be women. In all of the stories, you hear about famous superhero men like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. But what would these heroes be without Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and Spider Woman. Women aren't just pretty faces...

Untouchable Hero

Everyone has heard tales about heroes ever since they were children. Tales of a brave knight rescuing a princess from a fire-breathing dragon. Tales of a man and his cape flying through the sky, burning down evil with his eyes! Tales of a young Native American risking her life and her family to save her beloved Englishman. Real or not, they taught everyone how to be good people. They taught everyone what true sacrifice means. They are untouchable heroes.....