October 2019

Secondary Math Updates

Pilot Program / Traditional Math

We are in the final year of our 5-year textbook adoption cycle. Additionally, we will be switching from Integrated Math I to Algebra 1 next year. Also, our AQR course materials have expired and we want to explore new Math 4 options. Therefore, we will be running a pilot program this year.

We received several names of people and schools interested in piloting. Thanks for your interest! We will be reaching out as we start working with publishers and get a timeline together.

Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

NEW HS Documents

Integrated Math I and Integrated Math II AIR practice documents have been created to help teachers prepare students for AIR testing. Each document contains all the practice test problems and released items from spring 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. The document is arranged by standard so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Math departments can look at their item analysis and determine which content standards they wish to focus on. You can use these documents to help plan TBTs, problems of the day, etc. Consider looking at areas your students are already doing well in and building them up even more.

DESMOS or Texas Instruments?

The online calculator that the state uses is a modified version of DESMOS. Students need to practice using the calculator prior to testing. A link to the practice calculator is on our assessments page. Below is a direct link to the calculator.

Ohio Version of Desmos Graphing Calculator

One main difference in "regular" DESMOS and the AIR version: On the regular site, students could type in an equation like 2x + 10 = 12. The program would draw a vertical line through x=1 showing the answer. This is disabled on the AIR test version.

So what's wrong with TI?

Nothing is wrong with TI. But DESMOS allows students to enter equations without being solved for y first. This can be a great help with circles and quadratics. DESMOS is particularly useful for solving systems of equations. The documents show tips on how to solve many of the problems using DESMOS. The Integrated Math II document also contains videos (with and without sound) to solve several of the problems. There are also links to practice geometry proofs in Edulastic.

Where to find the documents

These documents are in the Digital Resource Binder. You will need to use your CCS Google account to view/download them.

Click here and go to the "Released Test Items" section.

ALEKS / ConnectED Support

Need help with an ALEKS or ConnectED issue?

For the quickest support, fill out a short form at the link below:


Get PD in your building!

Want our ALEKS / ConnectED representatives to come to YOU?

View this flyer for information.

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ALEKS courses

We started middle schools in the RTI version of their courses this year. We started high school students in Foundations of HS Math. Teachers can move students into other courses as desired. Use this first course to determine strengths and weaknesses, take the place of a traditional "Boot Camp", etc. Or, just move students right into another course. It's up to you.

Be very careful to move students into new classes following the steps in the ALEKS guide. If not, courses will not be aligned to Ohio's Learning Standards. Even if you already created courses the "old" way, you can still create new courses and move students into them.

Below is a flowchart of the recommended pathways and percentages of high school math courses necessary to move students forward.

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Clever and ConnectED

ConnectED is now accessed through Clever for teachers and students. For more information on using Clever, download the PDF below.
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Department Chairs/Liasons

HS Department Chairs and MS Curriculum Liasons will meet at:

Southland Center

3700 South High St.

Columbus, 43207

Click below for a flyer with dates and times.

Julia Robinson Math Festival

Encourage your students to join Dr. Raj Shah and explore the richness & beauty of math!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Student admission is $10 but waivers are available. The school with the most participants wins a prize (not limited to CCS).

Volunteers are also needed.

For more information, please see the flyer below.

Algebra Tiles

ODE is focusing on Algebra Tiles for Algebra 1 instruction. It is our goal that each Math I teacher receive a set to begin using in the classroom right away this year. For help with using Algebra Tiles, we placed a document in the Digital Binder. For your convenience, it can be downloaded below.

Problem Solving Strategies

Consider developing a common problem solving strategy that you and your department can implement among all classes. Below are a few ideas. They are available as PDFs in the Digital Resource Binder. They make great posters!
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