Highdown Sixth Form Head Girl

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Who am I?

I'm Megan, I'm 16 going on 17 and I've been at Highdown School for all of my secondary education. I have a passion for Literature and Social Justice, and can often be found sharing my views on Tumblr and Twitter. LGBT+ and an unashamed feminist, I'm used to sticking up for my beliefs and I want to help you to be able to do the same.

What's my deal with the education system?

I mean, I guess it's not so bad... but it definitely could be improved. My aims for Highdown Sixth Form are to improve standards and attainment overall, to motivate students in a non-condescending way, to implement a useful and topical PSHCE and SRE (Sex and Relationships education) curriculum and to make the Sixth Form a welcoming, cheerful and inviting place for all. I want you all to achieve your best and I am committed to helping achieve that in any way possible.

What am I promising you?

  1. I will be punctual and organised. (I bought a diary and everything.)
  2. I will listen to your suggestions and take them on board.
  3. I will refer your thoughts and suggestions to appropriate members of staff.
  4. I will try my best to be approachable and friendly. (Even on Monday mornings)
  5. I will accept your criticisms, so long as they are constructive.
  6. I will work as hard as possible to get your suggestions implemented.
  7. I will work hard to achieve the goals I have outlined above.
  8. I will encourage the wider school society to appreciate the 6th Form. (And try to stop Yr 7's being rude to us in corridors).
  9. I will frequently update those that are interested on what has been achieved.
  10. I will always make lists that end with nice numbers.

Where can you contact me?

My email is meganwynn221b@gmail.com.

I'm on Facebook, and can usually be found in the Canteen in my spare time. If you start up the coffee machine and fill the air with the smell of caffeine, I'm likely to turn up. Don't be afraid to drop me a line anytime, I don't bite, and I'm very rarely asleep.