GHV Coaches Corner

November 2022


Ashley Young, Transitional Kindergarten

Learning is always lively in Ashley Young's TK class. Teaming up during literacy centers is a definite plus! Being new to TK, this teacher appreciated the partnership when getting her arms around a new curriculum.

Kelsey Nierengarten, Pre-Algebra

Together, the Kelseys explored different math strategies to excite students, provide timely feedback and encourage students to put forth effort into the learning process. One strategy the students enjoyed was the opportunity to be a teacher and assist their peers.

Nikki Katter, Kindergarten

Assisting Kindergarten teacher, Nikki Katter, in establishing math stations with a goal of incorporating additional time for small group instruction was the mission for this coaching cycle. Of course it was beneficial to collaborate when working to master those 'tricky teen numbers' as well!

Nic Tusha, Project Lead the Way

Nic Tusha and the instructional coach worked together to create a rubric that assessed students on their ability to draw a multi-view sketch of a 6-cubed figure and to accurately dimension the drawing.

Lydia Paulson, 1st Grade

First Grade teacher Lydia Paulson, welcomed the support of her IC when seeking to learn more about the practice of Number Talks. Together they introduced the procedure to her students who strengthened their number sense in the process. They will continue to do so as the year progresses.

Megan Sears, 3rd Grade

Megan Sears welcomed the assistance of an IC when monitoring Read Live with her 3rd graders. Students had the advantage of two teachers to read with. This boosted their efforts and started them off on a solid foundation.


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Create a Classroom Culture of Shared Ownership

  • Ask for Opinions: For students to be part of a classroom community, they need to have authentic buy-in from the beginning.
  • Emphasize Growth: Show students how they are becoming better learners on a regular basis, particularly by embracing mistakes.
  • Gather Student Voices: Responding to feedback and making changes based on their suggestions communicates to students that we value their ideas and perspectives.
  • Redefine Class Participation: Not every student wants to speak up, while others may monopolize class discussions. Give students a variety of ways to express ideas.

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