Brazos Valley District

January 2020 Newsletter

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Nuggets from Our District Chair

  1. 2020 Unit Service Hour Challenge. I would like to request all units to provide a minimum of 100 hours of Service to their Chartered Organization by June 30, 2020. We owe our Chartered Organizations a lot of thanks for hosting us and this is one way to show our appreciation. Service Hours have to be entered into the MyScouting.Org Service Hour section as they are not automatically transferred from Scouting apps. I am attaching a form that you can complete and send to my attention and I will ensure your unit is credited with the Service Hours. Let’s shoot for 100 hours in ½ Year in 2020.

  1. Friends of Scouting – 2020 Campaign has kicked off. Get your presentation date on the calendar with Kyle Johnson so that we can schedule presenters for your unit. The District Goal for 2020 is $26,000.00

  1. If you were not aware, the Brazos Valley District maintains a calendar of upcoming events that is accessible to all. The link to the calendar can be found here BVD-21 Calendar.

  1. Begin planning now to attend the April 4, 2020 Brazos Valley District Awards Banquet!!!! And don’t forget to submit your nominations for District Award of Merit and 2020 BVD Volunteer Award Nomination forms. Contact Jack Wilkes at to get a form sent to you.

Family Friends of Scouting 2020 Cmapaign

Family Friends of Scouting - Schedule your Unit Presentation

Your district FFoS volunteers need your help. If you have not scheduled your unit presentation, please contact Kyle Johnson as soon as possible, and let him know the date, time, and location. One of the FFoS district volunteers will handle everything from the presentation to the distribution and collection of pledge cards. Its that easy!

District FFoS Chair - Kyle Johnson

Family Friends of Scouting - Why Donate?

Friends of Scouting is your council’s annual giving campaign. In most councils, Friends of Scouting (or FOS) represents the council’s largest source of income.

In the longhorn Council, the Friends of Scouting campaign begins in November and ends in March. During the campaign, a volunteer will visit your unit (usually at pack meeting or court of honor) to explain the campaign and make an appeal for your support. You’ll be asked to make a tax-deductible pledge that will benefit scouts through the council's operation budget.

What do councils provide?

  • Volunteer and staff training
  • Insurance coverage to protect volunteers, chartered organizations, staff members and properties
  • Support staff for registration, publications and other program support
  • Camp promotion for Cub Scout day camps, Boy Scout summer camps, high-adventure bases and more
  • Camp rangers to keep the council camps up-to-date and ready for Scouts and families
  • Camp equipment, like tents, cooking equipment, camp vehicles, building repairs, canoes, equipment replacement and repair, and general upkeep of council camps
  • Professional staff to work with volunteers to organize new units, manage fundraising programs, conduct training, assist membership recruitment, provide counsel and direct support for district, camps and programs
  • Administrative needs, including postage, computers and links to the National BSA computer system, copy machines, etc
  • Service centers to provide additional support to volunteers
  • Audio-visual supplies used in training, at camps and in volunteer meetings
  • A council website to keep you informed
  • Reference publications and resources, including program planning kits and to camping cookbooks
  • Camp scholarships, uniforms and registration fees for disadvantaged young people
Employee match programs
Some companies, possibly including the one for which you work, will match their employees’ charitable contributions. Be sure to see whether your workplace has such a program. If so, you’ll double your impact.

Family Friends of Scouting Brochure -click link below

This infographic illustrates some facts regarding FFoS. Your contribution is critical to the success of programs and operations within the Longhorn Council.

December 2019 Eagle Scouts

Camp Staff Interview Details - click the link below

Longhorn Council 100th Anniversary Cyber-100 Sale!

Summer Camp and High Adventure Sale

Starts starts December 9th, 2019.

Sale ends January 15th, 2020.

Cyber-100 High Adventure Sale

· For every 9 Chisholm Trail participants (full 9-person boat) registered by Jan. 15, get 50% off one adult participant; or, 1 free leader in summer camp.

· For every 5 Steele Island Wakeboarding participants registered by Jan. 15 get 50% off one adult participant; or, 1 free leader in summer camp.

· For every 10 Brazos River 50 Miler participants registered by Jan. 15 get 50% off one adult participant; or, 1 free leader in summer camp.

· For every 5 Sea Kayak & Caving participants registered by Jan. 15 get 50% off one adult participant; or, 1 free leader in summer camp

Cyber-100 Summer Camp Sale

For Troops attending Camp Tahuaya, Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, or Worth Ranch:


· Register 10 Scouts by Jan. 15 and get one adult leader free.

· Register 20 or more Scouts by Jan. 15 and get two adult leaders free.

Cyber-100 Cub Scout Resident Camp Sale


· For every 10 Cub Scouts, Webelos, & AOL participants registered by Jan. 15 get one adult free.

Aquatics School - Worth Ranch 2020

click on the link below for details and registration.

NYLT - Twin Arrows Courses

Register for 2020 Courses

TA-216 Course – 6 Day Course, Sun–Fri. Fee: $175 Out of Council Fee: $225
March 8-13, 2020. Scoutmaster: Mr. Ray Dameron.
Location: Sid Richardson Scout Ranch

TA-217 Course – 6 Day Course, Mon–Sat. Fee: $175 Out of Council Fee: $225
July 13-18, 2020. Scoutmaster: Mr. John Cuccaro.
Location: Sid Richardson Scout Ranch

TA-218 Course – 6 Day Course, Thu-Tue. Fee: $175. Out of Council Fee: $225
December 26-31, 2020. Scoutmaster: TBD.
Location: Camp Tahuaya

Register Here:

Wood Badge Courses


Greg Brayfield – 2020 Spring Course Director
S2-662-20-1 at SR2. Two Weekends Required.
3-day Weekend #1: March 27-29, Friday 7:30 a.m. to Sunday 5:00 PM
2-day Weekend #2: April 18-19, Saturday 7:30 a.m. to Sunday 5:00

Robin Roller – 2020 Summer Course Director
S2-662-20-2 at Lakeview Lodge, SR2
Five Day Course: Monday 7:30 a.m. to Friday 5:00 PM, June 29-July 3

Mikel Shelton – 2020 Philmont Course Director
S2-662-20-3 at Philmont Scout Ranch 17 Deer Run Rd, Cimarron, NM 87714
Five Day Course: Sunday 6:00 PM to Friday 5:00 PM Sept. 20-25

Gary Goldstein – 2020 Fall Course Director
S2-662-20-4 at SR2. Two Weekends Required.
3-day Weekend #1: Sept. 25-27, Friday 7:30 a.m. to Sunday 5:00 PM
2-day Weekend #2: Oct. 24-25, Saturday 7:30 a.m. to Sunday 5:00 PM

Register Online

Wood Badge Banquet