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D. Bryant 4

writting portfolio

we are writting this to improve of writting skills and grow as a reader and writter. Knowing certain things such as the climax of the story, or how to edit a paper is very important and that is why we are writting this, it is to make us better and see us grow as a educated person.

about me

I enjoy sports because thats one of the few things im good at. lifting weights is also another activity i enjoy because i like to test my limits andhow far my body can go. i honestly do not have much to say about myself, Main thing i can say is i follow arnold schwarzenegger's 6 rules of success.

my life will never have limits

sir james M. barrie

if you have love, you dont need anything els, if you dont have it, it doesnt matter what els you have.

comment: this statement can sometimes be true, there is always someone who is so envolved in their love that nothing els matters.

and the award goes too

Most motivated award

Have you ever been in a bad place? It’s a personal experience that I had to find some serious motivation to get me up and going. I got tired of being a chubby kid that wasn’t so fast and wasn’t so good at sports, but I found the motivation to get up and get some were that I wanted to be in this life. This award should go to a person who is truly motivated to achieve all of their goals. I should win this award because I am the most motivated and once defeated an anaconda.

The purpose of being motivated is to do something great with yourself and life. Once when I was a young child, I was a chubby kid until one day I was someone who was extremely fit and strong and I asked myself why couldn’t I be like that. That inspiration man was Arnold Schwarzenegger and his famous six rules to success, that is what my motivation is and the most important 5th rule is “work your butt off” as in motivation should leave no stone unturned.

Its also a good award to give me because I once saw an anaconda eating a small dog, I jumped right in to the 15ft bundle of snake and pulled the dog out of its jaws with my bare hands. The motivation to get up and save a dog and defeat a 15ft anaconda is a great sense of motivation that every little creature deserves a chance at life. It was a brave act but it was for the greater good of the dog and his life motivated me to fight for him.

I have the motivation to get up and do something with my life and make something of myself. Defeated a anaconda to save a small dog that deserved life. But I do not think I deserve this motivation award because I do skip out of fit plans sometimes and do not follow them accordingly.

favorite quote and response

"You have to expect things from yourself before you can do them"

response: its saying that if you beileve in yourself then you can do great things.

i am god tyr

I am Viking god tyr

The Vikings preyed to their god when going into battle. Warriors preyed to tyr the most because he was the god of warriors and could see the outcome of any battle. I feel that the Vikings should rename tyr because I am brave and a strong warrior just like the Viking god tyr. I am like tyr because he was the god of battle and war and was brave, I am like him because I go into battle every week and brave enough to keep doing it again each week. Tyr was also a great warrior himself and was not one to retreat or give up, and just like him I do not give up in anything I do.

First reason I think the Vikings should rename me tyr is because he was one of the Viking gods of war and battle, and like him I go into battle very often in my sport. I am also brave enough to do it again the next week. Each week I step onto a mat and go to battle not only with an opponent but also myself. Tyr was very brave and would take risks even though the odds were not in his favor, I am much like this going against guys that are much bigger than me and yet still finding the courage and bravery to defeat them.

Second reason I feel I deserve this name is because just like tyr I am a great warrior. To be a great warrior like tyr you must be able to not only beat the enemy but yourself in battle by overcoming your fears and showing courage. The match is my battle and just like tyr I must defeat my fears and show courage to beat this even if the odds are not in my favor. Tyr was also known as a great Viking god of warriors and battle because he was very wise and was knowledgeable of everything going on in the battle, I feel I am like tyr in this way because I have to be aware of all things around me in a battle.

I enjoy going into battle and am a true warrior and this is why I feel the Vikings should rename me tyr. A lot of people feel that what I do has no point and is a meaningless sport but I disagree I believe that it makes me a stronger person. I have spent a lot of my time determined to be the best and bravest warrior I can be and I deserve this name but not just the title but the meaning. I do not believe there is anyone that you can find that is better for this name.s

reflection of god and goddesses essay

i feel i could have done better. There are a few areas of the essay i am not totally pleased with, but all and all i tried.

self relience introduction

Life is a learning experience, figuring out what is a good choice and what is a bad choice. Should people make their own decisions about important situations in their life or should they take advice from someone they know or don’t know? People should make their own decisions because that’s what life is about, making good and bad choices, learning form the bad and celebrating the good instead of taking advice and being able to blame it on them.