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Brief History of the British colony, Georgia

  • Georgia is the 13th colony of the British and the final colony in the area that is British.
  • James Oglethorpe is the man wanting Georgia to be a colony. (He went on a voyage to Georgia in 1732).
  • The British's first settlement of Georgia was in present day Savannah.
  • Almost everyone is welcome in Georgia except those that are Catholics.
  • Georgia became more self sufficient from the British because of the War of Austrian Succession (1742-1748), as the British needed the funds.
  • Georgia as a colony first had a trustee to govern, then in 1754 royal governors were appointed to govern the state, the first one being John Reynolds.
  • After Reynolds, Henry Ellis became governor.
  • After the event that is the French and Indian War (1754-1763), Georgia's border expanded from gained territory.
  • The governor which succeeded Ellis is James Wright.

Important events within the colonial period of Georgia

1732- The first charter of Georgia was issued by King George II, James Oglethorpe and the colonists set sail for Georgia in the Anne
1733- A treaty was signed broadly defining the settlement area for the colonists.
1739- A treaty was signed again which more specifically define the settlement areas, War of Jenkins' Ear.
1748- End of War of Jenkins' Ear.
1752- Georgia became a royal colony.
1754- John Reynolds became Georgia's royal governor, start of the French and Indian War in the Americas.
1757- Henry Ellis became Georgia's royal governor after John Reynolds.
1760- James Wright became Georgia's royal governor after Henry Ellis.
1763- End of French and Indian War, resulting in territorial gain for Georgia.

Questions and Answers

- Which European country originally had settlements in your colony and why?
The British Empire, to gain wealth from the North American continent.
-Where is Georgia and the impact it as on economic development?
It is located south east of the North American continent, it gives it access to the ocean and could engage trade inland or one that is ocean based.
- What type of colony is Georgia, and the religion, colonial government that it have?
Georgia became a royal colony after sometime and had a royal governor, in terms of religion, Georgia had a mix of religions except for Catholic.
-What are some trading goods that Georgia exchange with?
Tobacco, cotton, rice, indigo, lumber, furs, and farm products.
-What are some major events that have happened in Georgia's history that makes it unique?
Georgia was originally supposed to be colonized by debtors of the British Empire.
- What are some key people who were important to the social and economic development of Georgia?
James Oglethorpe and Jame Wright

Reasons for settlement

  • It could give you a fresh start from your past life in Europe.
  • It could potentially give you more wealth.
  • It could potentially give you more land.
  • and more great things.....

By- Ahmad Ramadhan