Comparing Countries

Developed v.s. Undeveloped

United States Population Growth

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Chad Population Growth

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United states facts

Average life expectancy: 79.68

Future of population: Grow fast

Countries food supply security: Best food supply in the world

Health care concerns: Health care costs are going up and the policies are getting more restricting.

Environmental concerns: Climate change, Invasive species, Deforestation and mining

Current events: A former Army captain who tackled a suicide bomber in Afghanistan was awarded the Medal of Honor at the White House Thursday, in front of some of his fellow soldiers whose lives he saved.Environmental problems:

Population distribution:

agricultural land 44.5%

arable land 16.8%

permanent crops 0.3%

permanent pasture 27.4%

forest: 33.3%

other: 22.2%

chad facts

Average life expectancy: 17.4

Future of population: Growing steadily

Countries food supply security: Ranked 108 in the world do to corruption

Health care concerns: Malnutrition

Environmental concerns: Inadequate supplies of potable water, improper waste disposal in rural areas contributes to soil and water pollution, desertification.

Current events: Chad's fallen dictator faces trial in new African court

Population distribution: 28 percent of the population live in urban areas. Population density varies between 0.39 people per square mile in the northern parts and 154 people per square mile in the southern part of Chad. Chad is more populated in the south because the northern part of chad is covered in mountains which makes farming difficult.

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