Saturday Sapiency



1/21, Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Fest, 8:45 Grades 3-5, K-2, Grades K-2

1/21, PTA General Meeting, 6-8pm

1/28, School Site Council, 6-7:30pm

1/29, 5:45-7pm, Community Black History Celebration

2/2-2/6 African American Literature Read In (during your library times)

2/4, PTA Executive Board Meeting, 6-8pm

2/5, 5:30pm Superintendent Wilson at Glenview to announce interim housing site

2/13- Second Round of Fountas and Pinell due

2/20-3/5 Readathon

2/20-2/27 Book Fair

5/1- Science Fair

Teaching & Learning

Honoring Professional Development & PLC Time- Be Present!

Please be on time for PD/PLC and do not schedule any appointments during these times.

Weds. PD Agenda

This week we will work on:
-Writing (Bring your Lucy Calkins writing curriculum and other writing resources to plan the Opinion/Persuasion unit that you connected to Social Studies in our last writing PD)

-We will review the budget for 2015 & 16

- We will do a quick think about incentives for the Readathon. Will you shave your head? Have a class dance party? Have a class picnic? Eat a cricket?

F & P Round 2 Due by 2/13/15

Please enter your second round of F & P Data into the School wide spread sheet by 2/13/14.

Here's the link to the google spread sheet:

If you have any questions, consult with Ms. Morgan. Do not alter the spread sheet settings.

Transitional Kinder at Glenview Fall 2015

We will have a TK/K combination class in the Fall of 2015. Enrollment/Options Paperwork is due by January 23.

Science Fair- 5/1

We will be working in Grade levels on February 11 to determine what the grade level expectations will be for each grade level.

This will not be a classroom by classroom decision as we have done in the past. Begin talking to your grade level about how you would to participate (class project, small groups, partners, individuals). Mr. Litt and Mr. Witte will be helping to support this day along with the PTA Science Team.

Operations & Logistics

Interim Housing Announcement

Superintendent Wilson will be at Glenview at 5:30 on 2/5 to announce our interim housing location.

Newsletters in 2015-16

Next year all classrooms will send home a weekly newsletter on paper, via email or through a class blog. Many of you are already doing this and we will discuss the options in the Spring for the various ways to do this. Please put this on your radar for Fall 2015.

The newsletter will need to include not only special events and activities, but what your students are working on academically in the content areas.

Social Emotional Learning & Wellness

Grade Levels Re-Teach Halls & Yard This Week

Please work with your grade levels to identify a day in which you can explicitly re-teach the yard behaviors and hall behaviors (peace in the hall)

People Learning

Everyone Quiet

All Floors Clear

Calm bodies


Safety First

Yard Duty

New Schedule at the end of this month. Last chance to put in a special request with Mrs. Lemon.

Technology Tidbits