Registered Nurse Practitioner

At Texas Tech University

What is it?

A nurse practitioner is an advance nurse whoe is allowed to run their own practice or almost like a doctor's office but must be under a doctor's name. As an NP, you are allowed to examine, diagnose patients, prescribe medication, and recommend treatment.

Level of Education Needed:

The level of education you first need for this career is an interest in any math and science classes in high school, along with a good GPA, ACT and SAT scores and a high school diploma to enter into college. Becoming an RN (registered nurse) is preperation for a NP meaning you need your bachelors degree in practicing medicine. Once you have the bachelor's degree, another two or more years of actual RN experience is required to get a feel for the career. To become an NP you need a master's degree in nursing (MSN). There is no short cut for this career path. Classes needed to take often include anatomy,biology,medical terminology,computer technology, maternity, nursing management, and testing and diagnosing.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock, Texas. I will be required to take 3 semesters of statistics and a college algebra class. I will also need either 3 natural sciences or mathematic electives for 3-4 semesters.

After College

After college I do not know exactly where I was to be employed, but I know I want to be in a small town, where a doctor's office is needed and would be well used. I want to be able to raise my family in a small safe town, where everyone knows everyone. I would like to have my own doctor's office.