2nd Hand News

May Happenings

As the weather has turned warmer, 2nd graders have been busy making and creating in the classroom. Their animated and narrated Bookworm Projects are being prepared for viewing. So far, they have learned 14/16 vowel diphthongs with only 2 to go, plus the -le syllable. As phonics detectives, they have been finding focus skills in fiction and non-fiction texts. 2nd graders are able to use their knowledge of fractions for measuring time, capacity, and linear measurement. To help understand the Quaker Testimony of stewardship, students created a forest based on the Lorax story and chose to include interesting tree facts on their Truffula trees. 2nd grade lepidopterists were able to explain symmetry and camouflage to their special guests on Grandfriends Day, and co-create butterflies to add to their forest. They also used their Gallon Guys and Girl to explain and make equivalent capacities with their Grandfriends. With great anticipation, we await the emergence of our painted lady butterflies from their chrysalides and look forward to a playground release celebration.


  • LS students will be attending Clementine at the Keswick Theater on 5/16. Please send a regular snack/lunch.
  • The BFS Art Show is on display in the auditorium through 5/16. At the closing, parents are able to take the children's wonderful artwork home.
  • Library change: we will have Library on Tuesday, 5/22.
  • BFS Admissions Open House is 5/24.
  • Track & Field Day is 6/1. Information about this action-packed fun day to follow.

Enjoy the pictures of everyone's favorite 2nd graders, including a great Parent Project!

In patnership,

Mrs. Nyce