The Desert At Dawn

Ragan Sanders

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About my Dazzling Deserts

Have you ever been sitting around and thinking about dessert? What if you could have dessert in the desert! But the bad news is that... IT MELTS REALLY QUICKLY! But it will at least last for 10-20 minutes. I hope you don't get ice cream all over you! Lets jump down in to a snake hole (not really).

Suckers and slobs

My ecosystem is the Desert. It is full of animals and plants. Here are some examples. Consumers and Producers live in my ecosystem. Did you know that? Some animals in my ecosystem are birds. Some birds are Yuma and Arizona. Some poisonous spiders are the black widow and the Brazilian wandering spider. Some poisonous snakes are Rattlesnakes, Death Adder, Viper, Philippine cobra, and the tiger snake. These consumers help the ecosystem because if you did not have plants that get energy, then the animals that eat the plants can not get energy, then the animals that eat the animals don't get energy and it is a lazy lazy Desert. Some producers are praire grass, cacti,and whead.

Choppers and Chewies

Lets talk about predators and prey. Some choppers and chewies are Ladybird beetles eat cacti. Hairy flies eat spider ants. Longhorn beetles eat fire ants. Flat grasshoppers eat cacti. Scorpions eat grass. Coyotes eat geckos. These predators and prey help our ecosystem because if the predators did not eat the prey they would over populate.


We have dirt,rocks,sand a lot of sand,rain not a lot, sun, clouds, dust.Dust come when u kick your feet.Mountains, wind, air, temperature, Light, moon, and land a lot of land. This things help the ecosystem because this things help create a daily beautiful life. They make the days so good. For example the clouds they hold the new rain in and make a day a day.
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Drowning Desert Facts

Some facts about the desert are... They only get 10% of rain a year . How are animals supposed to drink water. THE COLDEST temperature is -18c. The HOTTEST temperature is 49c. Some deserts are located in the southwestern US, Mexico, Australia, California, and Africa. The scorpion is the symbol of the deserts. The flat grasshoppers are 10 inches. They can jump 20 times there length!!!!! These p[laces are the most HOTTEST and most driest places on earth. Covers 1/5 of the earth. The most common deserts have DUNES!!!!!

The Dark Desert

Well i gave you the tour and now it is over. I hope you had fun at the desert at dawn. If you would like a tour again just find me and i will take you on a tour of any ecosystem of your choice. I hope you come back and see me soon!!!!! Please, see the puppy wants you to come back too.