2012 PHBYC Christmas Messabout

Rum + grub + fun + PHBYC Pirates = ARRR!

2nd weekend Dec 2012 @ Walthers /TLYC or thereabouts

GRAB SAIL swag and picnic baskets for a weekend of fun in the Christmas messabout, me hearties! Time to pillage delicious Holiday grub, splice the mainbrace with cold beers and sing chanteys with admirals, powder monkeys and PHBYC pirates, old salts and new!

Quit being such landlubbers, shoo them spiders off your boats, it's high time to messabout in the Lake. Party in TLYC or Walther's? Vote smartly there, men! The sooner we can decide a date to party, the better.

If you have games and booty to entertain the powder monkeys, suggest please. Got a spyglass for watching the night sky? Bring it! Do keep an eye out for weather and wave action, arrr! Yo-ho-ho!

X marks the spot: Walthers and Taal Lake Yacht Club

Saturday, Dec 15th, 8am to Sunday, Dec 16th, 5pm

Talisay-Tanauan Road


Taal Lake Yacht Club is closest to Sta. Maria along the Talisay-Tanauan Road.

To Walthers: Keep an eye out for the Sta. Maria archway, the open driveway before the straight trees leads down to Walthers.

Past Walthers, TLYC has a big anchor beside it's entrance.

Holiday grub we'd love to pillage!

Some dishes are confirmed, others need bringing plus need utensils/plates/napkin booty too. Now who brings what?
  • Lechon (Piper)
  • Roast meat or fowl
  • Grilled fish
  • Fried Tawilis
  • Some sort of pasta or rice
  • Salad
  • Lemon Squares (Biel?)
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Rum, beer, wine, etc.
  • Breakfast food

Keep them coming! Do chime in!

RSVP on the forum please

Please post food or beverage you will bring so we have enough of everything, including plates and utensils. Don't be a scurvy dog! RSVP on the forum please.