Digital Citizenship

How we use Technology Appropriately

By: Morgan Martin

Digital Citizenship is..

the responsible and appropriate behavior regarding technology use in our world.

9 Elements That Make up Digital Citizenship

Digital Access- Full participation in a society

Not everyone has the same opportunities when dealing with technology, and we have to start working towards equal rights of electronic access.

Digital Commerce- Electronic selling/buying of goods

The internet is used to buy and sell things all the time, but sometimes those things can also be done illegally. We have to learn how to be effective consumers in a digital marketplace.

Digital Communication- Electronic exchange of information

We are able to keep in constant communication with others by the expanding options of digital communication that are becoming available.

Digital Literacy- Means of teaching/learning about technology and the use technology New technology is constantly being added to our society and it is important that others are taught how to use these technology tools as well as how to use them effectively.

Digital Etiquette- Standards of conduct or procedure electronically

Creating rules and regulations aren't enough, others must be taught how to recognize inappropriate behavior and to think before they post.

Digital Law- Electronic standards of conduct or procedure:

This is where the ethics of technology comes into play: Unethical use of technology can be in the form of theft or crime, while ethical use of technology is shown by following the rules of society.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities- Freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world

As a digital citizen, we all have basic rights and with these rights we also have responsibilities as well. These rights and responsibilities help with productivity in the digital society.

Digital Health and Wellness- Physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world

Education and training can help educate technology users on how to stay safe and protect themselves in the digital world.

Digital Security- Electronic precautions to guarantee safety

To be a responsible digital citizen we must learn how to protect our information from disruption or harm.

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Why Digital Citizenship Needs to be Taught

As teachers, when we teach students about Digital Citizenship they learn the proper ways to be an effective participant in the digital world. Students are also equipped with essential tools to help them navigate digital situations.
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