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In May, the children will begin their study of plants. As we walk around Williamsburg, the children see plants in yards, along the street, in their homes and some have been lucky enough to have seen our new roof top green house. Children are natural learners. They are drawn to plants because of naturalist beauty and wonder of growth.

In our unit, we will explore the big question- How do plants grow and why are they important? To answer this question the children will explore:

What are plant?

What do plants need?

What are some different kind of plants?

Why are plants important.

When talking with your child about plants, try to use these words: flower, leaf, roots, seeds, stem, tree, trunk, branch, bud, pollen, petals, sprout, garden, soil and seedling. Perhaps on your walk to school, have a nature hunt. Encourage your child to name as many of these as they can to you using the appropriate vocabulary.

We have included links to a few of our favorite plant loving books! Please enjoy and share them with your child.

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An Orange In January


The Curious Garden Read Aloud
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We are happy to announce that our prek classes this year will be actively involved with the. Marquis Studio Residency.

  • In this Pre-K creative movement residency, students delve into learning dance technique, improvising, and learning choreography as a means to identify creative problems and solve them in a fun and safe environment. The residency ties in with their curriculum by exploring nature: plants, insects, gardening.
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