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Pin your hopes on Pinterest #lightthewaysensei

What is Pinterest? An animated video.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest in essence a visual pin board. Users use Pinterest to visually share and discover new interests by pinning. Pinterest is solely centred around images and videos and these items can be collected together by users to create their own boards.

Why use Pinterest

Here are some of the reasons you might use Pinterest in education:

  • Compile content
  • Organise and store ideas
  • Connect and comment on students' work
  • Start a professional learning network
  • Make contact with other teachers
  • Create group projects

The Language of Pinterest

How to get started

1. Go over to

2. Sign up using your email address.

3. Pick 5 topics to follow. Some suggestions:

  • Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Teaching Ideas
  • Any other interests you might have

4. Get the Pin It button for your browser.

5. You're all set to get pinning.

What to do now?

Educational Pinners to Follow