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Deal of the week!

A few tickets remain for upcoming events that were advertised at Gala. Hosted by generous Gorrie parents, all proceeds will go to the John B. Gorrie Foundation in support of our school. Meet new friends, mingle with old friends and help Gorrie continue to shine! Grab some friends and pick a party - you can’t go wrong!

Get your tickets while they last, and thank you!

Click on the link to see all your party options!

Last PTA General Meeting of the Year

Join us Tuesday May 3rd at 8am in the cafeteria.

Don't miss voting on this agenda items:

1- Approval of the PTA summer budget

2- An amendment to the PTA Bylaws to allow for a 5th Vice President, as the size of our PTA has grown so dramatically this year.

John B. Gorrie Foundation Summer Camp Update

Many thanks to the nearly 100 parents who completed the online survey about JBGF summer camps. Your input was extremely useful in determining the future direction of our summer camp program.

Unfortunately, JBGF will not be sponsoring summer camp in 2016. Due to Gorrie not hosting VPK on its campus this summer, the JBGF camps would incur additional expenses to use the facilities rendering them financially impractical.

At this time, our plan is to bring back this fun and exciting camp for the summer of 2017. Stay tuned for info, and thank you for your time and interest.

Upcoming Events and Activities!

Here are a some of the school-wide events and activities that are coming up! Please mark these on your family calendar. A complete list is always posted on

  • Week of 4/4: Testing