Support Newsletter 2013-2014 #4

An update on the educational support within the ESH

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Welcome to this exciting issue!

Another week at ESH and it's almost time for the Spring Holiday; time goes by so quickly! Welcome to this next exciting issue of the Support Newsletter. From now on, these will be sent a bit more regularly to keep everyone informed on what is going on in the Support Department.

This week we have a special event occuring: the workgroup for Cooperative Learning is gathering for the first time. Exciting times ahead!

Have a good week everyone and once it arrives: Enjoy a well-deserved holiday after all the hard work you put in!

All Support-related activities this week

  • Monday 15:15-16:15: After school meeting with the Dutch Nursery to integrate ParnasSys & Schatkist.
  • Tuesday 13:00-15:00: Internal Support Committee (for more info, see below)
  • Wednesday 13:15-15:15: Class teachers INSET ParnasSys
  • Thursday 15:15-16:15: After school the Cooperative Learning Workgroup comes together for this first time!
  • Friday: Not support related, but remember... it's Newsletter time!

HGW / ABA & the Group Consultations

As explained during the last (interrupted) staff training on ParnasSys, the ABA-Cycle (HGW-cyclus) occurs three times a year. Right now we are moving in our second cycle where we have upcoming Group Consultations to refine the specific needs of our children. Please prepare your group overview accordingly. If you need any help, don't hesitate to seek us out!

ParnasSys Training #3

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 1:15pm

2 Houtrustweg

The Hague, ZH

Internal Support Committee (ISC)

In the Support Plan the ISC is mentioned and briefly explained. But, what can they do for you? In brief:

If the teacher, parents & the support department are "stumped" by a child and wish to explore the situation in more depth, the Internal Support Committee is the next level of referral. Pupils discussed here have usually already been observed by our SWV employee (Lia Bekking). The ISC has the following members:

  • the Support Coordinators of the ISH, ESH and HSV;
  • the school doctor;
  • the school social worker &
  • the SWV advisor.

Together we discuss pupils in great detail and formulate a plan of action. Parents need to give permission for a child to be discussed here. During our next Group Consultations, specific children can be put forward for this.

International SEN Working Group

For the past few weeks, Jaap has had several meetings with members of Lighthouse/HSV, ISH and BSN. The purpose is to work together and improve the collaboration and cooperation between us. Since we all strive to offer good international education for expat children, there is a lot we can do together and make use of each other's strengths. There are some exciting plans brewing, stay tuned...

Cooperative Learning

It's all about engagement!

It is still some time away, but... on Wednesday the 26th of March, all staff are expected to attend the first collective INSET on Cooperative Learning. The training will be done by Sandra Lousberg from HCO. She will begin team-wide training in these proven structures to increase engagement and achievement!

For a quick overview on what Kagan's all about, click here: Kagan's Website. Or better yet, watch the video below!

Kagan Cooperative Learning-Structures for Success Part 1
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The picture above is an example of the time-out indicators we have created. Non-verbally, children can indicate their mood when they have been given a time-out in your class. We have several laminated ones (complete with pegs) available in our office. Let us know if you would like one!

Have a great week everyone!