Wednesday Wrap Up

September 20, 2017

Engagement Strategies

Engagement is active. It requires that students be attentive as well as in attendance; it requires the student to be committed to the task and find some inherent value in what he or she is being asked to do.

Characteristics of Engaging Experiences

• activate prior knowledge

• foster active investigation

• promote group interaction

• encourage collaboration

• allow for choice

• include games and humor

• support mastery

• nurture independent thinking

• do not make children wait

When listing engagement strategies as part of your lesson plan, be specific as to what strategy you are using with students. Some examples include: KWL; Think, Pair, Share; See What You Can Find Out; Active Reading; Quick Write; One Word Splash; Quick Draw; 1,2,3.

Below is a document that has many engagement strategies that can used in the virtual classroom. I have also attached the PowerPoint from the meeting today.

Suicide Prevention Month

During the week of September 25 in Homeroom, teachers will be asked to put up a different slide each day to show students during their class. (I will forward you the slides) You will be asked to read a message to your students on Monday.

“This is National Suicide Prevention Month. At Agora, we wanted to focus on action through the #BeThe1To campaign. For the rest of the week, in each homeroom, you will see a different slide each day about how you can Be The 1 To make a change. If you would like to learn more about the campaign, you can go to . If you would like to talk to someone, please reach out to your Guidance Counselor. This week, you can also go have “lunch” with Mrs. Bregenser from 11:30 – 12:30PM at her BBC room You can Be The One to make a change!”

If we can help one student or one family member, it will be worth it! Thank you everyone for your help with this initiative!


  • Teachers are required to be instructing students for the entire class period. There should be no reason to dismiss students early. Instructional time with students is limited and we need to take advantage when we have students with us in class. If your classes are ending early, you should re-evaluate your lesson plans and plan for more engaging activities to extend the class period.

  • Teachers should not “cover” for other teachers unless permission is granted from the administration beforehand.

Comings, Goings, Shout Outs

  • Welcome to Sarah Agran to the 8th grade teacher team!
  • Good luck to Connie as she moves on to new adventures!
  • Shout out to Cathy Mack and Heidi Lucier for how well they worked together to take share ownership of their students and worked together to teach! Super job!
  • Pam Sieger for volunteering to help Team 8F with their ELA kiddos until we hire a teacher for their team! HUGE KUDOS to her!!!!

CDT Update!

88% completion for ELA after one week of testing!!

75% completion for math with 10% currently working after one day!!

Keep up the awesome work!! You all are amazing!!