Prinicipal's Visioning Institute

Cohort 4

B.Y.O.D (Colleyville MS)

Started B.Y.O.D last year.

Continued training teachers and students this year.

Presentations have been made by students and staff to various groups including Alamo Heights ISD, Schlechty: Engaging the Net Generation and our teachers presenting to the CHHS staff about BYOD.

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1:1 iPads (CMS North)

(CMSN)This year Coppell MS's went 1:1 iPads. We rolled them out by grade level.

A learner tech force was created out of this initiative.

global connections utilizing twitter, uStream, symposiums for community members/parents to give feedback on kids products and to see learning in action

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Culture Change for Innovation (Colleyville MS)

Have had a more open culture to allow for teachers to take a chance on doing things differently.

Allowing failure as an amazing learning piece.

Supporting staff to try new and innovative things within their classroom.

Physical Environmental Design (CMS North)

Transforming classrooms and hallways to be flexible and collaborative.

Promote and allow for creativity.

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Won the BKM Flip your Class Contest

We wond 40,000 in classroom furniture courtesy of Steelcase.
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Proposed a Hallway Redesign with Superintendent

feedback from Educators/Learners on not using lockers

kids are sitting in hallways on floor working in groups

need to a space to work collaboratively that can also support the use of idevices/laptops

met with learner focus groups on the redesign needs

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Requested to be a model classroom through multiple companies



Texas Furniture Source

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1:X (Lakeview MS)

(Lakeview MS) 1:X; global connections via twitter with authors, other classrooms, etc...

7th and 8th grade have received iPads.

Student Engagement and Authentic Audience #authenticaudience.

Instructional rounds conducted by principals in February finding evidence of transformation. Taking things slow so they stick...


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for helping us prepare for the principals' meeting yesterday—the school looked great, our kids were really awesome, and the level of classroom instruction was off the charts! Several highlights were shared as consistent patterns observed by the teams of principals who walked the building:

  • High levels of student engagement
  • Lots of opportunities for student collaboration and varied grouping
  • Clear expectations for learning were given and students able to articulate what they were learning
  • Consistent use of technology as a tool to create student work and products

With our format yesterday we did more in-depth and longer walks/observations than usual. There was a greater degree of reflection and analysis than any other principals meeting we have had before and you guys stepped up and really represented—the consistent positive feedback the principals gave is a testament to your hard work and care for our kids!

Thanks—you guys rock!

Jeremy Turner


Lakeview Middle School

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College/Career Readiness (Colleyville MS)

Focusing on growing AVID to a campus wide college/career program in middle school.

Allowing students to look at various opportunities for college with the Mobile Go Center.

Developing WICOR strategies campus wide.

Focus on developing the skills needed to graduate as a Portrait of a Graduate.

Innovative Professional Learning (CMS North and Friendswood MS)

(Friendswood MS)

Professional Learning for the start of school Now instead of the first week of school

Designing lessons through PLC collaboration. Discussion is to be centered around what works, higher level questions, new ideas.

Instructional Walk-Arounds - classroom visits to observe engagement, presentation, assessment.

(CMS North)

Learning Walks

Critical Friends

Virtual Staff Meetings

Flipped Staff Meetings

Location of Staff Meetings in Educators Classrooms

Utilized the idea of Ted Talks during Professional Learning

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Humanities Program (CMS North)

Improve Humanities program this year by moving teachers around so that they were teamed and classrooms could be shared with one another.

Grading improvements (Colleyville MS, Lakeview MS & CMS North)

This year, leadership developed a No Zero policy, No extra credit policy, and has focused on Re-Do's and Reassessments. Utilized a lot of Rick Wormelli's work.
Rick Wormeli: Redos, Retakes, and Do-Overs, Part One

Common Assessments in Math (CMS North)

Decided to develop Common Assessments to start reviewing data to drive our instruction.

Discovered some issues with academic vocabulary so teachers have redesigned.

Digital integration (Friendswood MS)

- working with Central Office on getting the instruments to the teachers in a timely manner.

- working with iCoach on apps, design, presentations

First 3 Days (Friendswood MS)

- Building relationships with teacher to students, students to teacher, and student to student

- Sharing with them how to be successful in the classroom

Campus Reflections from Principal's Institute 4

CMS North

  • Continue to collaborate with leadership team on what we are doing, why we are doing it and if we need to continue with student success meetings, learning walks, critical friends, etc.... Does it align with visioning document, CISD learning framework, etc..
  • Focusing on bring learners into our campus conversations more. i.e.: end of year unit evaluations in each class on engagement, bring learners into critical friends/PLC time; student panels with staff and/or parents
  • Focus on the PLC model --defining PLC's, refining our PLC process
  • Focus on data to drive our lesson design ( and creating common assessments

Colleyville MS

  • The key to help lead transformation is to continue in creating a campus culture to allows for teachers to be willing to take risk and understand that if something fails how to grow.
  • To allow for more authentic connections with the world outside the school walls.
  • To develop more opportunities for teachers to see what other staff are doing within their classroom and how it drives their instruction.
  • Have clear/focused goals!!!!
  • Have more specific praise for both staff and students.

Lakeview MS

  • Using technology to be more connected to those around me--colleagues, staff, community (ex. twitter, blog posts, other digital publications)
  • Intentional conversations around political aspects of education--taking the conversation to our staff and our public about legislative priorities and involvement.
  • Including more student voice in the transformation of our school by setting up student/principal panels for structuring conversations about school between kids and leadership.

Leadership Reflections and future leadership goals

  • Blogging for personal and professional growth
  • Administrative Team book study -- Results Coaching
  • Utilize Twitter
  • Share resources with accountability partners
  • Campus wide "choice book study"
  • Campus wide conversations and build relationships to keep the conversations going about transformation, engagement, etc...
  • continue to hold a visioning group on our campus

Leadership Style

  • Embrace who you are but challenge yourself. Try something new--bucket list items
  • Slow down, revisit, and reflect
  • Surround yourself with leadership that will move your campus forward because as administrator, you don't have all the answers.
  • Continue learning, lifelong learner
  • Continue to meet with Superintendent to keep having conversations about our campus, legislation, visioning document, etc..
  • Let your learners have a voice on your campus
  • participate in TxPVI#5