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Journalism is off to the “Write” Start

By Trenton R.

Blue Earth- The BEA journalism class is learning new skills for interviewing, writing, editing, and publishing articles for the school newspaper. Students in journalism have learned about the parts of an article and written one practice article about speech team with help of Mrs.Ehlers, teacher of journalism. Students are starting to write their first solo article on any topic of their choice. Journalism is a class to learn about writing in any form and to learn about becoming a news reporter. The students gain experience about writing and being a news reporter. They also get worksheets to help improve their understanding of a news article.

Mrs.Ehlers says that some highlights of being a journalism teacher are being creative, teaching, and learning new techniques to help students in many ways. “Gavin B. says I am writing my first solo article about officer Bullermann’s RC cars”. “Gavin is very excited about is article.” “Gavin B. also says it was a struggle to learn the parts of a news article”. “The class says writing the first solo article was the hardest, but it will help them out in the long run”. Chuck Hunt the manager editor came to BEA to teach the journalism class about being an editor, reporter, and interviewer.

Teen Night

By Trenton R.

Blue Earth- Teen Night was Friday, March 18th. Teen Night is for 6th and 7th grade students. It takes place in Pemberton Gym from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The cost is $5. We still need chaperones in order to make the next Teen Night happen. Please have your parent call the middle school office if they are interested in volunteering. We will have a new DJ for the last two Teen Night. Its a great time for kids to play basketball, dance, and just have fun.

Changes for the 7th grade BEAMS Students

By Trenton R.

Blue Earth- Seventh graders from BEAMS will face changes next school year when they transition to the BEA High School as eighth graders. Many students wonder if the change will be positive or negative. In order to prepare students, there will be two 8th grade orientation sessions, one in the spring and one in the fall. Students say the orientation will help them know the way around. Mrs. Ehlers, a middle school teacher, is moving to the high school next year. Erika W. says, “It will be nice to know a teacher over at the high school.” Some of the BEAMS kids say when they had to go to the Middle school from the Elementary school or Winnebago, it was a hard change, but after a couple of weeks it was easy to get around from my personal experience. BEAMS students have relatives over at the high school which will give an opportunity to get help from their family that have been through the classes. Alejandro P. says, “With help from family and friends at the high school everything is much easier.”