Government in Ancient Egypt

(Yeah, Ancient Egypt had a government!)

Ancient Egypt's Government

So, yeah. Ancient Egypt had a government. They also had types of social classes, kind of like we have today. Read more to learn about the differences and similarities below.


Ancient Egypt's laws, or legal system, was based on common sense. They also had a court system. There were higher and lower court. The Higher court was made up of the Pharaoh and his assigned Vizier. The lower court was made up of a group of elders in each town. If you didn't like the decision made in lower court, you could come up to the vizier in higher court. But, you could also get into trouble if your case was not serious.

Here are some images of Ancient Egypt, and Present-Day Egypt


Making Connections

So, yes, there a lot of differences. But there are also a lot of similarities. Some can be seen easily, or can easily be related too, but for others... you'll have to dig deeper and research more to find out.