Library Lookout

October 13, 2016

Welcome Ms. Chandler!

Christie will be student teaching in the LMC for about 5 weeks. Please welcome her!

Sending Students to the Library

If you send students to the library during the day, please remind them:

  • look at the sign on Natalie's chair for directions (see picture of the two signs --------> )
  • don't wait for Natalie at her desk - she may be away for a while
  • don't interrupt a class

Returning Library Books

PLEASE return library books first thing in the morning.
Why? Natalie is out of the library a lot more this year and our volunteers come early in the day to re-shelve.

Please allow multiple students to carry library books in the morning.
Why? We've been seeing kids in physical pain and out of breath, books falling to the floor, and staff members stopping to help in the hallways/stairwells.


See attached document for explanations of the releases.