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Management Consulting Firm - Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity

Management consulting firms helps organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. Kingswell is a reputed management consulting firm in UK. We provide consulting on enterprise risk management in UK, customer care, training workshops, IT service management, contract management, personal development, procurement management etc.

Services Offered

Kingswell with its wide experience in field of managing risk services offers various services like High Availability Design and Implementation and IT Disaster Recovery Solutions, Unique Expert System for Urgent Contingency Plan Development Online, BC FRAMEWORK, SLA FRAMEWORK, Consultancy on Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Management Consultancy, Information Security and Integrity, Consultancy on Service Management, Outsourcing, Service Level Agreements Consultancy on Customer Care, Contact Centre and Help Desk Management, Training.

High Availability Design & Implementation and IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

In this modern world where business rely on information systems heavily. It’s important that business information systems are always up running. Kingswell provide IT management consulting for IT departments and offers various services like High availability solutions, disaster recovery, backup solutions, offsite backup solutions, crisis management, infrastructure management, IT services and Consulting, project management services in UK.

Unique Expert System for Urgent Contingency Plan Development Online

It is a integrated disaster recovery and business continuity plan online offered by Kingswell management consulting firm in UK which provides private and secure development environment under SSL.

Software Products

Kingwell is a consulting firm in UK who provide management consulting in IT offers various software products like DVD’s, CDs and Books for BC Framework and SLA Framework.

Consulting Services

Kingwell is a leading consulting firm in UK who offers consulting on business continuity, disaster recovery management, information security and integrity, IT service management, outsourcing, service level agreements, customer care, contact centre and help desk management.


It is necessary for organization to have trained employee and for that they have to conduct various trainings to upgrade and update their employees. Kingswell is a reputed management consulting company in UK who offers world class trainings on SLA strategies, time management, IT risk management, IT disaster recovery plan, IT security and integrity, infrastructure management, enterprise risk management, crisis management, business continuity management, personal development, procurement management etc.


Kingswell is management consultancy in UK, lead by Andrew Hiles who founded first international user group for business continuity professionals. Kingswell was awarded Hall of Fame status in the Business Continuity Practitioner by contingency planning & management magazine at Washington D.C. in Nov, 2004. We have clientele representing all industries like financial institutions, professional services, banks, manufacturing, etc.

Kingswell Consulting Firm, UK

For any kind of management consulting like business continuity plan, infrastructure management, IT risk management, IT security and integrity, enterprise risk management, disaster recovery, backup solutions Kingswell is one stop solution, which provides best management consulting in UK.

A management consulting firm offers consulting services as enterprise risk management, business continuity management, disaster recovery management, company training courses, skills, coaching, call centre, help desk, customer support, information security, integrity, service level management, IT service management, training workshops, personal development, procurement management, IT disaster recovery solutions from UK.