Tech Tip Thursday #30

Special Edition!

Columbus Day!

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Elementary Lesson and Activities for Columbus Day

Read,Write,Think has a great resource package to teach students about Christopher Columbus. This lesson supports third- through fifth-grade students' exploration of multiple online sources to gather information about the life of a well-known explorer, Christopher Columbus. After completing a cyber scavenger hunt, students use their notes to prepare a timeline and summary report. Extension activities promote critical literacy by exposing students to Columbus from the perspective of the Native American and by engaging them in a discussion of point of view.

History Channel Video Clips About Christopher Columbus

Check out exclusive videos and features on the History Channel.

Scholastic Lessons and Activities for Grades K-5

Introduce your students to Christopher Columbus and his historic journey to the New World! Read biographies for all ages, discuss exploration throughout history, and pretend your class is on one of Columbus’s famous ships with these teaching resources and activities.

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