Shark Attacks Florida Teen Surfer

By: Kayla Aldridge

What Happened

18 year old, Ryan Shapiro was surfing with his friends when a 4 foot shark bit into his right arm. His sister Amanda who was taking pictures on the shore, is the one who called 911. When he was pulled out of the water by five or six other surfers they tried to stop the bleeding with t-shirts, towels, anything they could find. On their way to the hospital the paramedics assured Amanda that he would be okay.

The Problem

Even though shark attacks are rare people need to try and prevent them from happening.

My Article Information: The number of shark related fatalities is negligible when you consider the vast and increasing number of swimmers entering our coastal waters every year. Research has shown the number of shark bite incidents occurring each year appears to be directly related to the amount of time people spend in the sea. Thus, the likelihood of someone encountering a shark increases and with it a corresponding increase in shark bite incidents.

Websites Used

Used Google as search engine and Google Images for pictures