Are Sharks Meant for Hunting?

By:Marwa,Shreya,Gabi and Vishnu


Sharks have always had a great number, but now the numbers have been decreasing rapidly because people have been hunting sharks for their fins and for soup. They don't get that sharks help the ecosystem keeping biotic things such as, coral ,seaweed ,fish and abiotic things such as sand, rocks, underwater caves, and sunken boats well . Without sharks, other fish will overpopulate and takeover the sea.

Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons of Hunting Sharks

Sharks get hunted for food. Pros of the hunting of this animal will keep their population will be level in the ocean and that’s what some people will eat. Some people think that the sharks population will be level, but they are wrong. Cons of hunting this animal is that this animal is in underpopulation with about 10,000,000 sharks getting killed every year and once they are gone, they are gone for good. That’s a bad thing because then all the fish will overpopulate and it will be hard to control them. Do you really want sharks to be dead just for your food?

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Food Chain

The sharks food chain starts with the producers which are seaweed. The first consumer is any kind of small fish that eat the seaweed. The second order consumer is a tuna fish because they eat the smaller fish. The third order consumers are seals that eat the tuna.The fourth order consumer are sharks and other big animals. The sharks food web starts with the sun which gives energy to bacteria. Bacteria gets eaten by fish.They get eaten by sharks

Food Web

The sharks food web starts with the sun. The food web’s producer are types of bacteria. Then, the bacteria gets eaten by fish. They get eaten by smaller sharks. The last animal on the food web are large sharks. Then humans eat sharks.

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Even though sharks could over populate people have been overkilling sharks and now they are an endangered species. Sharks have an important role in the ocean and without them other animals in the ocean will over populate. Other animals that need to be hunted by sharks are already starting to over populate and it will continue unless we stop hunting them. Sharks should not be hunted or other animals could starve or over populate.

Thank you for listening to our reaserch and we hope you all also agree with us that SHARK'S SHOULD NOT BE HUNTED!