Io Moon

By Jason D

The Io moon has the most volcanic activity then any other moon and planet.
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First, Io is made of iron, iron sulfide core and brown silicate outer layer gives the planet a splotchy orange, yellow, black, red and white appearance. Io points the same side towards Jupiter.

Second,Io moon was discovered in January 8 1610 by Galileo Galileo. Galileo was a famous astronomer. Io got its name in the mid 1800. Io got its name by the daughter of Inachos who was rapped by Jupiter. Io was obtain during the tenth obit of Jupiter.

Third, Io is bigger then Earth moon. Io has the most volcanic activity out of moons and planets. strips away about 1,000 kg or 1 ton of 10 materials every time it turn now its a magnetic field shaped as a doughnut.every second. Io is 4.5 billion years old same age as Jupiter. Io can get up to 202 degrees f.

In conclusion, I picked Io because i never heard about it and it sounding cool.

The Io color

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Jupiter's Moon Io Erupts


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