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I hope this week has been a great one for you. There have been some great things happening on our campus and some of those moments are captured below from your peers. I know there is more to brag about here at Elgin Elementary School. With this in mind, please remember to send your brags to me every Thursday, in order for them to be highlighted in our Friday bulletin! You can send video clips or pictures. A brag goes a long way. Special thank you to everyone who submitted something to me for this week! Have a safe week-end!

Felicia Turner

Way to go EES Parent Teacher Assocation! The Newsletter is an awesome touch!


UIL Accolades

"My HAT IS OFF to Elgin Elementary and Tricia Ojeda for hosting a great UIL competition!!!!!!! Tonight was exceptional! The seriousness on the faces of students as they competed... the joy on their faces as they heard the winners... the support from the parents and Elgin staff members! What a wonderful experience for our kiddos! I was honored to be a part of it. Thank you all- for everything you do for our students!" ~ Melissa Leach

"You guys did a great job. I was impressed with the organization and hospitality. I know it takes extra time to add all the detail. Thanks for all your hard work" ~ Glenell Bankhead, Principal at Niedig Elementary School

Mrs. did an OUTSTANDING job organizing this year's UIL competition! Parents and kids were super excited! I especially loved your lemon bars! Please share the recipe! ~ An Anonymous Bragger

From the Desk of Denise Guerrero

  • Thank you for Dr. Cotner for her time and dedication with the our 4th grade students. Their performance in JAZZ was great!
  • I am lucky, lucky, lucky for being part of an amazing team! Mrs. Goerner and Mrs. Richmond, with their expertise, have taught me valuable skills that I use in my class daily. Mrs. Fangman and Mr. De la Cruz bring fresh and fun ideas so that we can always keep our students engaged. I am beyond blessed to be part of a team that has the best of both worlds.
  • Thank you, Mrs. Peña for your support in class each day with our special friend. It really takes a village, and I am so happy we are in the same one.
  • Thank you, Mrs. Marx for the awesome Figure 19 mini-lesson you did with my class. Our students learned so much; I learned so much; everyone was so entertained. WIN! WIN! WIN!
  • Thank you to our awesome librarian, Mrs. Rawson! You are always helpful and go out of your way to help our class choose books for our classroom.

Elgin Elementary School's Administrative Team

Kendra Monk, Principal

Tania Sneed, Assistant Principal

Felicia Turner, Assistant Principal