A room for seeping in.

Light bulbs

One way to make a bedroom more ego friendly is by adding some energy efficient light bulbs. These can replace just a normal fan light or all the way up to lamps in a room or to a night light.

It effects the household by:

  • How much longer it lasts
  • Mercury free
  • Cost efficient
  • Cool (do not build up on heat)

Recycled Carpet

Another way you can be more ego friendly is using recycled carpet. This carpet can be made up with over 100 recyclable water bottles. Which is reusing other products for new.

This can effect the household by using other products to become a carpet and is used for a long term process.

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Recycled furniture

Another way to benefit a bedroom is by using recycled furniture. This can be used from beds to dressers. This will benefit your bedroom by having to reuse products and not having to go out and buy other products.
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