POHW Before Poster

by:Zion Loftin

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1. Hollis's outlook on life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. She has no family. In the end, Hollis is happy to be a part of the Reagan family.

("This is a picture of a family hollis...... There standing in front of a house ,H. I don't see a W word in here. How about W for want, or W for "Wouldn't that be lovely,"...) pg 1

2. A new family for Hollis

The mustard lady is a transporter of foster kids.One day the mustard lady took Hollis to another foster home because she ran away from her previous home. The owner of this home is one Josie Cahill.

("Anyeone getting a first look at Josie Cahill would do the same. It wasn't just because she's movie-star beautiful.......") pg.7

3. Steven and the Old Man fighting

Hollis feels that she is responsible for the reagans fighting and the car accident on Old Man's Mt.

("Half the arguments in this house had to do with steven wanting to drive the truck.....The other arguments had to do with his disappering.")pg.37

4. Why Hollis runs away

In the beginning we learn that Hollis has a problem staying at a foster home.

("One morning I'd wake up and I'd have had enough. I'd grab my backpack go.") pg.10

5. Josie's memory loss

In the book we soon learn that Josie is sufering from early signs of dimenchia.

("Josie forgot things,forgot words,forgot what she was doing. not all the time, but still to often. Josie knew it too.")


6. A new home for Hollis ?

In the beginning we see that Josie is very forgetful. Josie even forgets that Hollis has to go to school. One day they deiced to go out the woods and play in the snow with non suitable snow clothes. The mustard lady finds them and starting to have some suspitions about Josie.

("School ?" josie asked,looking confused. I didn't answer, of course....."Get in the car", the mustard women said, "I'll drive you there right now." ) pg.53

7. An adventure on Old Man's Mt.

Hollis and Steven are home alone while the Reagan parents went out shopping. Steven wanted Hollis to go fishing but Hollis had something else in mind. Before summer was Hollis always wanted to climb the Old Man's Mt. She climbed all the way to the top. Steven was worried and raced out to the mountain,and took the car to go save Hollis.

("I pulled myself back up. Not so bad, not so terrible, I told myself, wipping the blood out of my eye, excpt that I knew I'd never be able to walk all the way down by myself.") pg.122