The Types of Government are........

The Types of Government

Types Of Government

Democracy (Dem-o-cr-a-see)

A Democracy is when everyone is respected and has equal say.

Republic (Re-pub-lick)

A Republic is when people elect a person/President to make decisions.

Totalitarian (Total-lit-arian)

A Totalitarian is when one party has complete control.

Dictatorship (Dic-ta-tor-ship)

A Dictator/DIctatorship is when a absolute leader is in control and the people have blind obedience to that leader.

Theocracy (The-o-cr-a-see)

A Theocracy is Controlled and based on religion.

Monarchy (Mon-arch-ee)

A Monarchy is when one Individual rules and makes decision on his/her ideas.

Examples of Government.....