Somalia Civil War

The Never-Ending Civil War

What is the Somalia Civil War?

Somalia has had one of the longest and bloodiest civil wars in all of Africa. It has killed over a million people and affected families all over the world.

Somalia is one of Africa's poorest countries, and has a literacy rate of only 38%.

What caused the Somalia Civil War?

British colonists cut up the continent in unreasonable and odd ways, and then instituted unfair and cruel laws against the natives. This led to widespread poverty, racial conflicts, and unhappy people. The illegal gun trade has also supplied many rebel and insurgent groups with deadly tools.

Effects of the Somalian Civil War

Over one million Somalis have died in the fighting. When UN peacekeeprs were sent in to help restore peace, they were slaughtered and their bodies were dragged through the streets.
There have been nearly 20 attempts at government since the British and Italians gave up their colonies in Somalia. Almost every presidential candidate was assassinated.

The people of Somalia are constantly fighting with each other. Nobody has any money, and nobody feels safe.

There is hope.

While the people of Somalia are still engaged in conflict in certain areas, they now have an official government and are united as a federation. This is a step in the right direction for the tumultous country of Somalia.

By Nicholas Sunstrom

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