By: Selyna Tibbetts

How to gather information from hard copy or online?

Gathering information from online or from a hard copy and online resources is a little different. For gathering information from hard copy you would have to put who you go the information from which would mean you would have to put who you got the article from or the authors name. Also for online resources you would have to cite which means you would have to say who you got it from which again that is called citing.

How to use search terms?

How would you use search terms? Search terms just help you get your search down to a small search every thing that is similar to what your looking for.

How to know whether the information is accurate?

IF you want to find out if a website is trust worthy or accurate you could look at the end of the website link and if it has ( .com, .edu, .gov, ) Then you could tell if it is trust worthy if it has one of these

What is the difference between paraphrasing,summarizing,and quoting?

What is paraphrasing?

  • Taking someone else's words and turning them into your own but your not copying word for word

What is summarizing?

  • Giving a short description of the main points of something

What is quoting?

  • Repeating someone else's words but you have quotations around the first and last word ( for example: " When you know better, you do better" quoted by Maya Angelou

What is plagiarism and how do to avoid it?

What is plagiarism?

  • Plagiarism is taking someone else work or words and using them as your own, If you don't cite your source that you got it from your plagiarizing

How do I avoid it?

  • The best way to avoid it is by being careful when your taking notes
  • Also making sure to cite your source so the website get's credit too

What is MLA citation?

MLA citation is just a type of way to cite your source it makes it look like this ("One Account. All of Google." Sign in. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Oct. 2015.)

  • Some sources you can use are easy bib to help you cite your source
  • Citation is important because you can get in big trouble for not citing your sources