Peer Ministry Meeting Agender

January 13, 2014

This week's meeting led by Allyssa and Maria

Opening Prayer

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Room # CampusMinistry

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Friday Prayer

Manuela invites some to do the prayer this Friday.

Daily Mass Reminders

Monday January 13th - Fiona

Tuesday January 14th - Marcela

Wednesday January 15th - Matt

Thursday January 16th - Eric

Monthly Peer Ministry Mass - When and Where?

Project Reviews

Christmas Caroling

Philippines Care Packages

Upcoming Projects

Catholic Schools' Week Mass and Pancake Breakfast- January 27th. What are your ideas to decorate the gym? Which group can be in charge of the pancake breakfast?

8th Grade Retreat - February 6th. We will be going over the outline in the coming weeks. You will be paired with Junior Peer Ministers to help at the tables.

Weekly Group Goals and Group Updates

  • Antonella - Goal Establish a Meeting Date this week with Mr. Luttringer for the remodeling project.
  • Morgan - Random Acts of Kindness Project
  • George - Goal - Figure out a new Project this week.
  • Suzie - Goal: Establish a date and time to film the Good Idea, Bad Idea video. Submit script to Mr. Alvarado ASAP
  • Sam - Goal: Figure out a new project
  • Cody - Goal: Establish a day and time to shoot the footage for your video this week.

Other Projects

  • Allyssa - Fundraiser Proposal for Jordan Walker

Weekly Class Goals

Create decorations for the upcoming Liturgy

Group Break Off

Closing Prayer