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hey people!

Let's take a vote, how many of you think B and N will break up soon, and when they break up N will go running off to S. By that time S would've already moved on from N to D. I know that's what I'm thinking.


B leaving N's townhouse. C at the bar trying to pick up ladies. S making plans with D. K and I at Three Guys Coffee Shop.


When will D and S become public?

How will people take it?

Will they think S is weird for dating someone who no one knows?

Or will S make D be known?

How long will it take B to find out that N is in love with S?

Will C ever be nice and loyal to girls?

Who knows, can't wait to find out what happens this week.

Your E-mail

Dear GG,

I had fun at the party last night, I'm just surprised that S didn't try to come and crash the party, she didn't even show up!


Dear J,

Well S did show up but she left very quickly with D and J. Maybe you were having a little too much fun dancing.


Hey GG,

I really enjoy reading these every single day. You're so sneaky, going to school, parties, bars with these people all the time. Are they dumb or are you just too good?


Hey SB762,

Thank you! Well I've got to say I am pretty good, but I don't even think these people are worried about me, they will be soon enough.



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