The Lawrence Weekly News

By: Natalie Cebulko and Luke Pumphrey

Top Story // By: Natalie Cebulko //

Hey guys, it's the Lawrence Weekly News. We have been totally behind schedule because of ISTEP. We are so sorry we've been keeping you waiting so we will continue to make newspapers until the year ends. To keep up of what's going on, here's a few news headlines for this week's paper:

My name is Natalie Cebulko, Secretary of the LWN, so if you would like to know more, stay tuned for future updates for our class.

Volunteer Reporter // By: Luke Pumphrey //

This week's LWN volunteer is Luke Pumphrey. Luke: I'm 10 years old and like playing basketball. I also like soccer and love the outdoors!

~Luke Pumphrey

Weather For May 5 to 12 // By: Natalie Cebulko //

May 5: Rain with a high of 49 degrees

May 6: Rain with a high of 57 degrees

May 7: Sunny with a high of 57

May 8: Sunny with a high of 62

May 9: Showers with a high of 67

May 10: Partly Cloudy with a high of 70

May 11: Mostly Cloudy with a high of 65

May 12: Mostly Cloudy with a high of 66

~Natalie Cebulko

Story Of The Week // By: Natalie Cebulko //

This week's story of the week spotlight is Addison Hill!

I've heard about her upcoming adventure story called The Hopps.

It's about sisters with all different personalities, set on adventures. These characters are based on her real life friends. Mallory Slabaugh and Emma Grabinski are part of The Hopps membership. They are still working on the first few chapters, but I'll bet the story will be worth the wait! ~Natalie Cebulko

The SCE's SEC // By: Natalie Cebulko and Luke Pumphrey

Today, we have a member from the SEC to be interviewed by the Lawrence Weekly News.

LWN: Who invited you to be in the SEC?

Madison Clark: Natalie Cebulko

LWN: What is your job?

Madison Clark: Time Keeper

LWN: Do you have groups? If so, what group are you in?

Madison Clark: Yes, we have groups. I'm in the Fundraising Group

LWN: What is your recent goal to reach?

Madison Clark: To save and protect the elephants by selling and raising money.

LWN: How do you plan to improve the SEC?

Madison: By having new members and have more meetings. And people ACTUALLY work on the project. Some people get off track.

LWN: Thank you for allowing us to interview you.

~Natalie Cebulko and Luke Pumphrey

Research Of The Week: // By: Natalie Cebulko //

This week's research of the week is Will Newman. He conducted and researched the questions asked. Here is some of his work:

Will found out that the first mathematician to use infinity was John Wallis in 1657.

He found out that Space goes on forever, Just like infinity.

The term infinity came from a Greek philosopher, Anaximander. He used the word aperion which means "infinite"

Poem Of The Week: // By: Natalie Cebulko //

This week's poem:

Once there was a person named Bob

Who loved Corn on the Cob

He had a weird attitude,

Which was sure to be viewed

Once there was a person named Bob,

He truly was a slob!

He ripped his paper,

He wasn't a sir!

He knocked over the drawer,

Which blocked the door,

He had some big problems,

Four or some more!

Once there was a person named Bob,

He never got a job...

What kind of poem is this?

Tell in the comments!!!

Monthly Reminders: // By: Natalie Cebulko //

May 17: 4th Grade Program

May 24: Graduation Day for students

May 25: Last Day for students

What are We Doing? // By: Luke Pumphrey //

Writing: Working on our documentaries.

Reading: Terms to Reading- external vs. internal conflict; foreshadowing

Social Studies: Civil War

Math: Measurement conversions and geometry terms

Riddle Of The Week: // By: Luke Pumphrey //

This week's Riddle Of The Week is:

What is the longest word in the Dictionary?

Stay tuned next week to find out the answer!!!

Freaky Fast Frankie Joe: // By Natalie and Luke //

We have been reading a book called Freaky Fast Frankie Joe.

We are close to the end, but here is a summary of the book.

Frankie Joe's mother is in jail, so he and his friends have a party before he goes to live with his dad. Frankie Joe has to ride with his dad all the way to Minnesota and is really uncomfortable since he doesn't know him very well. He is even more uncomfortable when FJ (his dad) tells Frankie Joe that he will have new brothers! Frankie Joe wants to go home. But he is stuck with his four half brothers until July.

Once he gets there, FJ introduces him to the family. His family members are: Little Johnny, Luke, Mark, Matt, and Lizzy. Matt looks angry. Frankie Joe is nervous. FJ takes Frankie Joe up to his room. He unpacks his stuff.

When FJ first takes him to the school, Frankie Joe doesn't want to go. He knew that his grades are bad, so he knows that he will probably fail every class. FJ promises his new principal to put Frankie Joe into an an after school program, called the Great Escape.

At home, things don't get much better.

Matt is mad because apparently Frankie Joe kicked Matt out of the #1 Huckaby Spot.

Matt is mean to him for, (it seems like forever!)

Frankie Joe doesn't like it here. He writes to his mom in jail. Back and forth, back and fourth. He then plans HIS Great Escape from Clearview.

Frankie Joe starts around the house, gathering items for his escape. He is too late. The snow has fallen, so he has to wait. He finds out that the snow will start melting in March. During Christmas, he saw his half brothers get less for Christmas since he was another expense for the family.

He also snooped and heard Lizzy (his stepmom) and FJ talking. They said that they would try and adopt him. Frankie Joe was furious. He would try to escape before that happened!

During all this time, Frankie Joe started a delivery service to earn money for his escape. He served many people with pizzas, and helped his friend will makeup products.

We are now at the part where Matt found out about his plan. Will Matt blow Frankie's cover? Or will he help Frankie Joe so HE can be back to #1?