The Westing Game

Taylor Hobbs

Turtle Wexler

The mysterious Westing Game, with so many amazing and mysterious characters. Sam Westing, the man with a plan and his niece Turtle Wexler. Yes Turtle Wexler is many things. A brat to Doug, a friend to Sandy and Floura, a hero to us. Yes Turtle Wexler is many things and it is my job to dig them out.

Digging Out the Truth

Tabitha-Ruth, also known as Turtle or Alice, is a important character and heir in the Westing Game. She is the finder of Sam's body, the sister of the bomber, the niece of the planner, and she is the solver of the game. She is smart, reliable, and always there when you need her. Turtle Wexler, the solver.

The Mysterious Neice

The Amazing Turtle

Turtle is the igroed person her family but is most likey smarter then her family. She goes into "haughted" houses, plays the stock marget, solves mysterious, and does much more. She should and will always be remembered amoung the Westing heirs and everyone else for that matter. The amazing, amart little girl.