A-musing memo

April 22, 2015


Several of our staff have lost family members in the last month or so. We extend our sympathies to Mandy, Melanie, Gia, and Alicia.


We have two ways to address the need for chaperons. My preferred approach would be to ask for volunteers. If we have at least six staff members, including Robin and Melanie, this should be sufficient.

Please let Melanie and Robin know at this Friday's afternoon meeting if you are planning to chaperon prom. I have also requested an APS police officer, and a few parents have volunteered to chaperon.

If we do not have enough volunteers, then I will assign each teacher a 2 hour shift. 7:30-9:00 or 9:00-11:00. Because we did not meet after school two hours a month, this would be in lieu of the staff meetings from early in the school year.

Staff will be stationed at exits, so students cannot come and go. There will be only one entrance. Please know that once students leave the building, they have left the dance. They cannot loiter in the parking lot or re-enter the dance.

Robin, Melanie and one of our custodians will stay after 11:00 to assist the clean up crew. Parents may assist as well; we don't know that detail yet.

If you and your advisees want to help with decorate the gym, students will start decorating during ACE on Fri., May 1st.

It should be a very fun evening, and I look forward to seeing the students and their dates dressed up and having a good time.


The PED communicated to APS that each teacher's summary report for the 2014-15 school year will be available on Friday, May 1, 2015. You may view them on or after that date.

APS noted that the reports are five (5) pages long and best understood if printed in color, so APS will deliver printed color copies of each teacher's evaluation by May 7th to each school.

I will meet individually with each teacher to review the summary report and sign it. I am attending a mandatory administrator training on April 29th re: expectations for the final meeting between administrators and teachers. After that training, I will share specifics re: what teachers can expect during our meeting to complete your evaluation for the school year.


Please do not disclose the date and time of the lockdown to students, but the practice will be this Friday at 11:55. This is during ACE, so please be prepared to respond quickly. Our school is so small, my hope is that it will take 10 or 15 minutes of your advisory period.

This was scheduled with APS security months ago, so I apologize for the disruption to the 5th six week pizza parties for high point earning advisories.


  1. Lock your door.
  2. Have students sit or stand out of view.
  3. Everyone in the room shall remain silent.
  4. Students in the hall or restroom, may be swept into your classroom, or the nearest office or classroom.


The link below is a 10 minute summary to show how a teacher aligns CCSS to best practices. She utilizes multiple strategies to build background knowledge in preparation for students to write literary analysis with textual evidence. Even though the video is of a language arts class, it is relevant to all content areas that require reading.

If math feels like the outlier here, I ask if you have students read non-fiction pieces that reference graphs, statistics, methodologies, results of studies, or other numerically based text. If not, I wonder if we can start looking for text based materials to build numerical literacy, aka numeracy.

Please watch an discuss in your PLC what you notice and wonder about.



We will dismiss school at lunch time on May 12th due to graduation. We will be on a Friday schedule unless teachers have a preferred schedule for that day. We can discuss it on Friday.

Thank you to Helen, Melanie, Sara, and others who are assisting with the organization of graduation. The responsibilities that each of you have volunteered for or were assigned are as follows:

Master of Ceremonies: Richard

Programs: Sara, Melanie and Richard

Ticket collectors/welcomers: Paula, Gia, Kerry, Bill (four are req. by APS)

Table watcher for purses etc.: Sara and student volunteers

Reading graduates names: Charlie

On stage to answer questions, move chairs etc.: Robin and Helen

Diploma casing table setup: Robin and Helen

Dressing Room supervision: Alicia and John

Banner: Alicia

Post graduation dinner

Sara has been kind enough to make reservations, so we, as a staff, may dine together to celebrate our many graduates and the other achievements of our students. The restaurant and time will be announced later.

Cap and Gown

Helen will have office hours on Fridays for students to pick up their cap and gowns for graduation.

Fridays: During ACE

Awards Ceremony

Please share with Robin and Helen information re: scholarships or other relevant information that is shared during the awards ceremony.

Since I haven't witnessed the FHS ceremony, Please help me understand the agenda, my role, and other people's roles etc. We can discuss this on Fri.

Helen's schedule

Helen will be off campus today, Wed. the 22nd from about 11:00 to the end of the day.

She has a training all day on Fri.

Helen will be on campus all day Thursday.

Robin's schedule

Thunderbird Award today, Wed. the 22nd at lunch

Fri. morning meeting until about 9:00 am (off campus)

On campus for the remainder of the week.

Monday, 4/27

9:45-11:15 off campus meeting

Fri. 5/1

10:30 on campus meeting