POHW Before Poaster

by: Connor Gasser

1) Hollis' outlook on life

In the beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. she has no family.


Quote- ''uh another foster home''

2) Hollis Trusting People

In the beginning Hollis has a hard time trusting people because she was ad-bonded as a baby.

Page - 7

Quote-'' No I don't want to go there

3)Stevens relationship with the old man

In the beginning steven and the old man get along like fishing and going up the old mans mountain.

Page -59

Quote- Hey pop want to go fishing?

4)Hollis' relationship with the mustard lady

In the beginning Hollis doesn't like the mustard lady because she might take Hollis away from Josie.

page- 53

Quote- ''I will be arranging a meeting with you and hollis.''

5)Hollis vs Stevens truck driving

In the beginning Hollis and Steven are having fun driving

Page- 59

Quote- '' Let's go Hollis It will be fun i swear

6) Hollis vs herselfe

IN the beginning hollis is upset because she ran away frm the regans but she rembers why she ran away.

Quote-'' i never really thought why i ran away.''


7)Hollis and the regans

Hollis misses she regans and she definitely regrets running away.

Quote-''Why did i run away from the regans i loved them