Percy Jackson: The Lightning Theif

Made by: Faith Matasso


Percy Jackson "The Lightning Theif" is a book about a guy who is a demigod(parents have to be human or a God)and i his first mission. His first mission is about saving his mom because he got blamed for something that he didn't do. In the end he ends up saving the day and hitting his mom back.

About the author.

The Books

Rick has created 3-4 book series. First, he made the Percy Jackson series. Then, he made The Heroes of Olympus. Then, he made the Kane Chronicles. He is working on a 4th series were he has some of the different characters meet each other.

Percy Jackson series

There are 5 books in the "Percy Jackson" series. 1st there is The lightning thief." 2nd is "Sea of monsters". 3rd is "Titan's Curse." 4th is "The Battle of the Labyrinth." 5th is "The Last Olympians."

Kane chronicles

There are 3 books in the Kane Chronicles series. 1st book is "The Red Pyramid." 2nd is "The Throne of Fire." 3rd is "The Serpents Shadow."

The Last Olympian Series.

There are 4 books in this series. 1st book is "The Lost Hero." The 2nd book is "The Mark of Athena." 3rd is "The Son of Neptune." 4th and final book is "The House of Hades."

New series

Rick Riodan is coming out with a new series!! He already came out with some of the books called "Son of Sobek", "The Staff of Serapis." Those aren't all of them but those are some of them.

Percy Jackson characters:

Kane chronicle main characters:

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