How Television Evolved.

history of televison

got to now know television evolves

1940's started Television

In the 1940's television started. The television started out in black and white and no color, the television has 2 legs and a base.

There's the picture of the 1940s

Here's a picture of the 1940's television


1950's televison

from the 1950's the TVs have four legs 4 buttons to control the TV. and TV still had no color. the color of the TV are old fashion and paint well.

1960's television

Big image

1990's television

the 1990's television you can put in VHS in there. and this color, still button, and remote control.
Big image

2000's television

the 2000 television has DVD's and VHS color
Big image

heres the present day television

this is how the present day television evolved from the others this television is more bigger and runs more faster. with Comcast or direct tv
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