Librarians Connecting

WSWHE BOCES SLS - September 25, 2020

Beginnings ...

Last June I started our last "Librarians Connecting" with a message about "Year's End ..." It was so strange to look back on all that was done last year between the workshops, PDs and communications - plus what you were doing on top of that to keep communicating with your students, teachers, administrators - and friends and families. I think we were all hoping that somehow between June and September this would all change and everyone would be back in person with all of their students, library doors flung open in welcome, research projects begun and books flying off the shelves.

While it didn't quite work out that way, and every district and building has its own "model" of returning to school, what I have learned about is resilience. The resilience of students to be learning remotely or in a hybrid model. The resilience of teachers to teach synchronously and asynchronously. And mostly about the resilience of school librarians working on collaborations, figuring out the quarantine time for physical materials, encouraging students to go online for research materials, eBooks and audiobooks, teaching how to reserve books for "curbside" pickups and deliveries through classroom teachers, putting together online resources for ease of access - and so much more! In difficult circumstances, I see so many of you reaching outside your comfort zone to do more, and talking about "opportunities" to find another way to reach your school communities and learn something new.

Again - you are amazing!! Keep it up but take time for "self-care." And let us know whatever, however and whenever we at SLS can help you.

"Heads high. Hearts open. You've got this!" (Pluto)

General Membership Meeting - IMPORTANT Changes

Our first Communications Coordinators meeting will (as always) be a General Membership meeting, and all are invited to join us, whether or not you are a designated CC. Our first meeting will still be Monday October 5 BUT this will now be 1/2 day (8:30 - 11:30) and will be completely virtual.

You can enroll in MLP; if you've already enrolled, it has been changed to reflect the start and end time, 3 hours CTLE, and online.

If you are unable to participate, you will have access to the folder with slides and PD. We have had a couple of requests from district curriculum coordinators to attend so they can make sure all librarians get the information if they are unable to attend, and we are looking forward to having them join us.

Regional BOCES SLS Meetings

We held our first after-school meeting on Wed. Sept 23. The topic was "SEL for School Librarians." All information can be found in the "Fall 2020" Google folder; the sub-folder is 9-23-2020 - SEL for School Librarians. In there you will find the presentation and docs for reading and activities. Start by reading instructions doc if you were unable to participate, but would like to read the Barbara Stripling article on Agency, and work through the activities.

Our next meeting is Wed. October 7 and the topic will be "EdLaw2D." We will send a Zoom link before the meeting for anyone who would like to join us.

Surveys - Still Need Info

PLEASE help us! If you haven't already completed the applicable surveys, we'd love to get the information back soon!

2020-21 School Year - Collecting information on what your role, and what your physical space, looks like so far. This may change ... but it will help us to know what you are all facing as we plan our year of PD, etc.

Battle of the Books 2021 - If your school participated last year, please complete the survey on behalf of your school, or ask the coaches to. The sooner we know the potential participation numbers, the sooner we can make decisions and get information out to everyone.

Thanks so much!!!

We are encouraging all of you to use the "" single sign-on which, in addition to databases, includes links to eBooks and YOUR library catalog and - coming soon! - a link to MultiMedia services if your district participates. It is completely customizable which makes it great for collaborations. Recently, they've added a way for you to use a check-list to turn on and off any databases you want to show on your

Karin has been putting in hours and hours of work on getting all of them up and working!! You can click on her link to FAQs, but feel free to reach out to her for more specific information. FAQs

Sora and Public Libraries

There have been some communications from our Public Library System regarding signing up students to also access the public library's Overdrive resources through Libby. I have a few concerns that I will be discussing with them soon and hope to resolve in order to move forward to increase online resources available to students. However, at this point, until we resolve those, my recommendation is to wait before moving forward. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Links and Other Info

We understand that you are inundated with emails and we will try to put some things that come across our desk in a SMORE instead of forwarding multiple emails. There are some (Fact Cite "Throwback Thursday" and "Tech Talk" weekly topics) that we will continue to forward.

In addition, we often receive promotions from vendors that have information and attachments. We are currently not forwarding those; if there are vendors that you work with and would like to receive promotions directly, let us know if you need their contact information.

Overdrive--Candlewick Press titles on sale until Halloween...some are $0 or .99!

Library Journal and School Library Journal Library Con Live! (Free Virtual Event - Nov 5, 2020)

Kids Discover Webinar - Sept. 18, 2020

Scholastic Information - Digital Content, Librarian Resources, etc.

Constitution Day - NYSED Resources

BrainPOP Resources for Educators

Welcome Back Email - and Link

Just a reminder - we covered a LOT of information in our "Welcome Back" letter that went out a few days ago.

When you can't find it, it's on our LibGuides "Welcome Back" page - and we leave that up all year so you can find what you're looking for.

When you need information stat...

If you haven't yet, bookmark this important link: Help/FAQs

This will take you to many of those areas where you need help, and you need quick information on many of our topics, such as:

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Karin Howansky - SLS School Librarian

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