Grinding Peanuts

by Hunter Haynes

No more wasting time grinding by hand!

Our organization is able to sell multifunction platforms for half the cost you would get any other way. Instead of spending 3 days on a hundred pound sack of peanuts, you'll spend a little over an hour.

Benefits of our product:


Wondering how you can afford this technology? It's simple: we have a loan system set up for all ages and genders. Your village sends us 10% of your profits earned from using the machine and over the next three years (or however much time you need) the machine is paid off by then. No interest, we merely loan you the device until you own it. It's a rent-to-own program. Legally, we have to require an upfront fee, but it's only 1 USD. The rest of the 1,000 USD can be paid at your convenience.